Start Shining the Light on all the Ways you Give Back


Do you have trouble communicating all the philanthropic work your company is doing?

You work late into the night updating your Excel sheets with new information that nobody reads. You update company employees through emails, newsletters, company boards and the tiny piece of real estate you get on the company website, and when you poll those same employees, most of them have no clue beyond one or two initiatives.

The HR team wants to impress top prospects with the company’s corporate responsibility footprint and they are constantly at a loss regarding how much the company gives back, and clients and customers don’t really see it, so all your good deeds remain behind the scenes.

The worst part is

that when you do a Google search to see what information is out there about your company, it's mostly the negative press that is front and center, and there’s nothing comprehensive that shows the depth and breadth of your philanthropy, beyond a few scattered bits and pieces you found after hours of googling.

C Suite, management and the Board of Directors think your communications team isn't doing enough to get the word out, and all of this affects the bottomline, as clients and customers making purchasing decisions may go to a competitor they think is doing more good in the world, and you also lose out on top recruits.

What if

you had a comprehensive platform to show off all of your good deeds, where the information was beautifully displayed, easy to read and public, where employees, clients and business partners could easily see the amazing work you are doing for social good, helping to drive purchasing, employment and partnership decisions,

And if

you didn’t have to rely only on that tiny piece of real estate on the main company website to get the message out, or field calls from HR regarding which charities the company supports, and you no longer had to witness that baffled look from clueless employees when asked how the company is giving back?

Introducing the BE BUNCHFUL platform that lets you impress clients, top recruits and new partnerships with all the ways you give back.


Differentiate your company from others in the marketplace.

Easily show how much money you are donating and highlight the impact your donation created, so you can stand out from competitors.


Say 'goodbye' to long, wasted hours organizing and updating spreadsheets with all your philanthropic accomplishments.

Self managed system displays info on easy to read presentation platform, publicly viewable, so you can lead by example and brag a little.


Have philanthropy stories to add to your brand portfolio and boost your brand power.

Upload and store photo and video stories of your philanthropic actions.


Create pride in new clients and top recruits, who are impressed to be associated with your company.

View your community impact score with built in analytics that takes into account your organization's size and the amount of money and employee hours donated, with special scores for efficiency.


Give bragging rights to your sales team and immediately impress new clients within the sales process.

Our technology tracks trending causes that need immediate help, giving you additional visibility to show your company front and center and to respond in real time, where help is needed most.

“I can’t tell you how much time and money we spent on PR trying to get the word out about the truly amazing ways we give back to the community, but they never want to print this news and we only end up reaching a few people here and there.”

- David G., New York

“I know my company is giving back somehow, but I honestly don't know what they do, and clients are now starting to ask me about it, so it would be good to have that info handy.”

- Elizabeth, T. California

Limited time promotional offer of $950 per month, a fraction of what you spend on good PR. After promotional period, pricing will reset to $1250 per month.

We Built BE BUNCHFUL Because ...

We were tired of wasting hours online trying to find out if a company is giving back, and how. We often want to make purchasing decisions that support companies that give back, and having access to a business' social and philanthropic contributions will help make those decisions easier. Also, so many employees tell us that they have no idea what charities their employers are supporting. They want to feel proud of the company for which they work and brag about it a little, but beyond one or two charitable activities, they have no idea if their companies are really actively giving back. Some sales people are telling us that, increasingly, their customers want to know if their employers do any social good. Very often, they have to spend time googling just to provide an answer.

Raquel Miller

Hi, I’m Raquel Miller,

and I’m the founder of Bunchful Technologies. Thank you for the opportunity to tell my story. The journey to founding Bunchful began long ago in the Caribbean. I was born and grew up in Jamaica and lived the first few years of life with my grandparents in a small farming town. I remember, vividly, how ... Read More every day, my grandmother would prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for my uncle, who lived alone, across the street. He was old, feeble, and could hardly move, so the neighborhood men would seat him at his front door, so he could engage with passersby, and also provide general help moving him around throughout the day. The women brought him fruits and other snacks, but his primary meal concerns fell to my grandmother, whom I would grudgingly accompany in the early morning hours with breakfast.

One morning,

we arrived to see him curled and bent halfway between his bed and the floor and we realized he was no longer with us. It was long after that, when I learned that though we called him Uncle and treated him like family, he was actually no relation to us. This really shocked me. I thought about all the years my grandmother fed him and the community rallied around to help with laundry and other necessities, and not just him, also others less fortunate, and from whom our gifts could not be repaid. That was my first big lesson in generosity, and in sharing our talents and personal gifts to create community.


while that lesson stayed with me, it wasn't the only example that helped shape my lifelong quest to create a company that is all about giving. When the schools at my grandparents’ country home could no longer support me, my father took me to live with him, his wife and my siblings in the city. That was a wrenching day, as I was pulled out of my grandmother’s arms. I was hardly ten years old at the time, and the impact of leaving the life I loved in the small community, along those long winding beaches, along the path in the woods filled with fruits, trees we climbed, birds we hunted, and the games we played while the women gathered along the riverbank on laundry days, and the many other childhood joys I was leaving behind was so devastating for me that I became sickly, and then quite ill. I look back, now and open the door to those years and the strangeness of my new home, and my new family, and all the new things a new city offers … and my father.

I was inconsolable

for that first year, absolutely inconsolable, refusing to participate in family activities or play with my siblings. I lost so much weight that I had to be taken to see doctors. I slowly came to know my new family … and my father. He was many things, my father, but I distinctly remember the first time I went with the whole family to the corner grocery deli one Friday evening and he gave a hundred US dollars for the deli owner to feed anyone who needed a meal. The meal … a sandwich and a drink, and a hundred US dollars went a long way, in those years, those many Friday evenings ago, when dad fed more than his family. We would sit and watch with pride, as he shared his abundance with others, people lined up endlessly to get a Friday evening meal, ever so grateful to him, to our entire family, but it was that first Friday night, when I realized that my father paralleled my beloved grandmother with his generosity, and it was this and other such acts that finally brought me out of my forlorn state and depression; it animated my world, filled it with love, with joy, and pride, and above all, purpose, so that, at last, I re-engaged in the joys of childhood life.

Now here

I am in my New York sojourn, having spent my whole life searching, I have come back to myself, have found my raison d'etre, and so, I founded Bunchful to celebrate giving and coined the term bunchful to mean sharing your wealth and your abundance with others. You see, for me, givers are the heroes in our world and I want to spend my life shining the spotlight on those who give.


is my way of shining a spotlight on people, businesses and other organizations who give back to their communities, so people like you and me can support them in their efforts, which will help improve the lives of people around the world. I invite you to join me on this journey as we celebrate those who give.


Are you ready to start shining the spotlight on all the ways you give back?